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Sing With Us Project Cologne & Japan スタートします!

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We are AKchoir, a choir from Japan who loves Cologne/Köln and its music. In particular, we like the song Stääne. We are so happy to have found this song and have performed it multiple times in Japan.
We had planned to go to Köln this June to sing the song together with the band Klüngelköpp and the people of Köln at the cathedral and the LANXESS arena. Unfortunately, however, concerts and events have been cancelled and we wont be able to sing in Köln.
We are thinking of the people in Köln and really miss you so much. That is why we decided to make a music video of Stääne and we are wondering if you could join us in the creation of this music video.
When we sing Stääne, we can feel the connection to our homeland, family, friends, and so many things that touch our hearts. We hope for you to join AKchoir in this video and sing with us.

This is how you participate:

1) Download the music file from this Link:
2) Make a video-recording of yourself singing along to our version of Stääne.
3) Send it via Wetransfer ( to
-  deadline is Next TUESDAY  May 5  at 17 hours (5pm).
Remember to tell us your name. If you sing in or conduct a choir, give us the name of the choir(s) as well.
Follow us on facebook and Instagram for updates and to see the end-result.

About the recording of the video:

a)  You can use your Smartphone, tablet or laptop to make your recording.
b)  Play our version of Stääne through your headphones and make a video recording of yourself while singing with us.
c)  If possible, lay your smartphone sideways to record.
d)  We made the Soprano and Alto parts. If you cannot join in with these, please sing the lead melody.

We are exciting to create a new level of harmony with this virtual choir!

Your recording does NOT have to be perfect – the important thing is that you join us.

We are sending LOVE from Japan!

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Downlord from google drive

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